Milton R. Good

Milton R. Good was born in 1911 on a small farm in the Township of Waterloo, the oldest son in a family of eight children raised in modest circumstances by Henry and Mary (Martin) Good. His elementary education was in a one-room school followed by a three-year commercial course at KitchenerWaterloo Collegiate and Vocational School.

In 1938 he married the late Verna Snider, and they had two sons, James and John. There are two grandchildren, Thomas and James. In 1977 he married Eleanor (Young) High.

On graduating from high school in 1927, he accepted a position with the Royal Bank of Canada at Waterloo. After twenty-one years of service at various branches in south-western Ontario, he joined the KItchener firm of H. Boehmer & Co. There he held a number of positions and finally, as President and General Manager, had the satisfaction of seeing the company grow from a local operation to one with over four hundred employees and more than a dozen branches throughout the region. Boehmers, as the company is known, has been a “good corporate citizen” of the community for over a hundred years.

During his business career Milton Good was active in industry-related trade organizations. He served as a director of J.M. Schneider Ltd., and also as President of the K-W Symphony Orchestra for two years after being a long-time member of its Board of Directors. It was, however, in his own church community that his leadership abilities were first recognized. For several decades, beginning in his early thirties, he was involved in many committees and boards in Canada and the United States. He gave effective assistance in the founding of a number of not-for-profit organizations, including Fairview Mennonite Home, Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, Mennonite Mutual Aid, Eastwood Mennonite Community Homes Inc., Mennonite Publishing Service, and Conrad Grebel College. He served for twenty-one years on the Board of Governors of Conrad Grebel College and was its first chair.

Following his retirement in 1976, Milton Good accepted the responsibility of chairing the committee that raised the final 2.5 million dollars necessary to bring into being Kitchener’s Centre in the Square. Apart from maintaining his residential property iii Breslau, he presides over the charitable Foundation he established in 1974 and assists in the management of the Eastwood Community condominiums in Ktchener.

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