Lorna Van Mossel

Lorna’s commitment to justice has grown from her own understanding of how to act with compassion. As a Citizenship Court Judge she talked about her ideas on a loving, caring community when she addressed new citizens.
“Recognizing our gifts that we can share in the community,
“Making change possible by breaking down barriers,
‘Attempting to make a difference,
“To have friends, one must be a friend,
“Respecting our differences in a multi-cultural society.”

“As Canadian citizens, we are among the most privileged people in the world.

“Where ever we have privilege, we also have responsibility.

“Canada is a multi-cultural country and except for our Native peoples, we all came from somewhere else - either we personally or our parents. Let us get to know each other, let us learn better, how to care for and support each other and let us all work together to build a better Canada.

“If you were the only person that a visitor to Canada ever met what would be their impression of Canada when they went away?”

Lorna is well known as an active participant in church social justice work including Refugee and Outreach Committees of Calvin Presbyterian Church, Social Action Committee of K-W Council of Churches, Interchurch Committee for Refugees of Canadian Council of Churches and World Service and Development Committee of Presbyterian Church of Canada.

Her work on these committees is only a small part of Lorna’s story. Her skills and commitment have focused on personal responsibility to people in need. Lorna and her late husband, Rev. Bert van Mossel opened their house to provide hospitality to many refugees and immigrants who were starting a new life in Canada.

Lorna is the mother of six children and is a grandmother to 10 grandchildren.

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