Sister Aloysia Zimmer

Sister Aloysia Zimmer born in Mildmay, Bruce County, is the second youngest member of a family of ten. She entered the School Sisters of Notre Dame Order in 1927 as a qualified teacher and has spent 46 years in the educational field as a teacher, teacher librarian, principal and was the supervising principal of the Kitchener separate Schools for 16 years.

A special tribute was also paid to her by the Ontario Institute for Studies (O.LS.E.)for dedication and accomplishments in education and for her leadership roles with principals and teachers.

In 1976, Sister Aloysia was inducted into Waterloo County Hall of Fame for her 30 years of outstanding contribution to education.

When Sister Aloysia retired from the teaching field in 1973, she became retired in a spirit of adding a new dimension to her own life and that of others. She invited Sister Kathleen Kunkel, also a retiree with 41 devoted years of teaching and a good Sister friend, to join her in organizing a Home Support Service for the Elderly in Kitchener, who for the most part were house bound for eitherphysica4 psychological/financial reasons. The project was called RAISE (Retirees Assisting In Serving Each Other).

Sister Kathleen, who was born in Mildmay, Ontario and comes from a family of 12, became the secretary-treasurer as well as a loving and caring volunteer. Together they organized the RAISE service which helps alleviate loneliness by providing home support services and encouraging community involvement.

In 1988 the RAISE Board of Directors and staff showered the two founderesses with glowing tributes, awards and gratitude at the Retirement Dinner and climaxed by a truly funfilled program.

Sister Aloysia has received numerous voluntary service awards which include the 1981 Senior Citizen Women of the Year, K-W Sertoma Service to Mankind plaque in 1984 and in 1985 Rotary’s Paul Harris Fellow.

Both Sister Aloysia and Sister Kathleen have lived lives that are filled with spirit and dedication. The Religious community of the School Sisters of Notre Dame have fostered true commitment and dedication to the communities they work in. It is our privilege to learn about the deep values and love that both Sister Aloysia and Sister Kathleen have brought to our community.

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