Jonas Bingeman

Jonas Bingeman’s roots in the community run very deep. Jonas, also known as ‘The Boss’, was born here in Kitchener and educated at Waterloo Lutheran University. After completing business studies at Western in 1949, Jonas returned and took over the family business. Today, the Bingeman family operate a hotel, a convention centre, an amusement park and one of the largest catering services in Ontario.

Jonas and his wife Dora have raised eight children: Frances, Patricia, John, Jim, Peter, Lisa, Mary and Marshall. They are also the proud grandparents of 9’/2 grandchildren.

Jonas is as well known in the community for his big heart as he is for his business empire. He has shown continual personal interest and dedication in helping community organizations accomplish their goals. Jonas has always shown a strong commitment to the positive development of the community and it is with great pride that we honour him tonight.

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