File for free - Fee Waivers at the Landlord and Tenant Board

Most applications at the Landlord & Tenant Board cost money to file.
For example, if a tenant wants to take their landlord to the Landlord & Tenant Board because of repair issues the tenant will have to pay a $45.00 filing fee.

Changes to the rules now allow people living on low incomes to have fees waived when filing an application.

You will be eligible for a fee waiver if your main source of income is from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program or Old Age Security Pension with the Guaranteed Income Supplement or War Veterans Allowance or the Canada Pension Plan

You are also eligible for fee waiver if you are working and your gross monthly household income is less than:

$1500.00 1 person household
$2250.00 2 person household
$2583.00 3 person household
$3083.00 4 person household
$3583.00 5 or more person household

To apply for a fee waiver you must fill out a Fee Waiver Request form and attach it to the fron of your application. You can find the Fee Waiver form on the Landlord & Tenant Board’s website

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