Climate Emergency Vigils

The climate crisis deepens.

In early December, world leaders will gather at the UN climate conference in Dubai (UN COP 28) to set commitments to try to limit further climate change. In response, our community will host weekly climate vigils in the lead-up to this event, where the decisions made will greatly influence our global trajectory and our common future.

Join us for gatherings of grief and hope. Grief for all persistent inaction on climate. And hope to know that all is not lost. Time is running out but we can still act, for a far safer climate future.    

What we mean by “climate vigil” A vigil is a ceremony, a time for observance, purposeful watching, even “wakefulness”, with space for spiritual reflection. Vigil in Latin means literally “being awake.”  The gatherings will include reflections, stories, and times of silent meditation – different from a public protest or rally. We hope each vigil will be designed in such a way as to help each of us better “wake up” to the immense climate challenges of our time, and to be inspired to act together. Vigils will evolve as they go.

This is not a typical protest or rally. While part of the reason we gather is to call on governments to act, it’s also important for us to be together at this time - to feel, to grieve, and to honour the work of so many in responding to the climate emergency, and transitioning to a more sustainable and just world for all. We don’t want to be asleep when our house is on fire – instead, we need to “wake up” and remember how much we can still do to respond with compassion, right here in our communities.

For more information, including weather alerts see the Climate Vigil website.

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