Job Posting: Supportive Housing Worker at The Working Centre

Supportive Housing Worker:

Are you someone who is attracted to the philosophy and action of The Working Centre & St. John's Kitchen?

We are excited to be hiring Supportive Housing Workers for an innovative Interim Housing project starting this fall.

These positions require a commitment to responding to the support needs of individuals who are street-involved, while working in a collaborative, place-based environment. This kind of role is:

  • highly relational,
  • always challenging and changing,
  • and is based on the complex needs of the individuals we support.

Supportive Housing Workers are responsive, truly enjoy being with people, have a good understanding of collaboration, are steady in their work and presence without overcommitting to a rules-based approach.

The position requires taking a trauma informed approach, and working from a philosophy of harm reduction.
Housing Workers will work in small groups to host a 24/7 housing project where residents have their own rooms, but shared bathrooms and common space. This project falls under a wider understanding of "equitable healthcare" within our community: having a secure place to live increases the opportunities for people to access the care that they need. The Working Centre's supportive housing projects are held within the wider supports of the Working Centre and the Inner City Alliance, offering access to food-security, specialized outreach, harm-reduction, and the mobile healthcare support of nurses, nurse-practitioners, and doctors.

We are looking to hire all shifts including days, evenings and overnights.

The Working Centre is an exciting, dynamic organization. Co-workers come from all walks of life, a variety of cultural backgrounds, and an eclectic mix of age groups. We are constantly learning and are challenged in our work. We offer many flexible yet anchored work roles and a work environment that allows you to do meaningful, respectful and good work. Everyone's contributions are respected and valued as part of the whole. Most people make a choice to work for The Working Centre - we pay a little less than our counterparts and we offer a work environment that invites you to commit your strengths and your spirit in your work.

Before applying, take a look at this link to information about our salary policy.

This work is more than a job - it is about committed community work in a collaborative environment.
If you are interested in being considered please send a resume and cover letter.
Tell us specifically why you are interested in the Supportive Housing role and why you are interested in The Working Centre.

Date Posted: 
Tue, Sep 1 2020
Job Location: 
How to Apply:
To apply email your cover letter and resume to:
September 14 2020


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