2018 Fundraising Letter

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Dear Friends,
The Working Centre community provides necessary and useful services that help people get the support they need.
The Job Search Resource Centre is always a bustling place. Over 3000 job searchers make use of our employment supports each year. Every day we support youth, people re-entering the labour market, older workers and those in between jobs.
Helping New Canadians is agile work, especially welcoming refugees from countries experiencing political turmoil. It is slow but meaningful work to help people find jobs so they can work in their new community and support their families.
Over a 1000 people each year are supported through St. John’s Kitchen. The work of serving a daily meal is a community effort to ensure that a nutritious hot meal is available each day.
St. John’s Kitchen is more than the daily meal. Downtown Street Outreach Workers walk with those facing homelessness. We also provide long-term support through the Hospitality House for those acutely ill, through Psychiatric Outreach, and through a medical clinic that provides primary care. This year our Dental Clinic, supporting those who face homelessness, has had a successful year developing its long-term work.
The Working Centre is an integrated community offering skill development, useful services and opportunities to contribute. This happens through our cafes, the bike repair shop, our two thrift stores and our 2 acre market garden. Our buildings are filled with projects and services where we train hundreds of people in formal and informal skills. We also offer a day labour service, a moving service, help with income taxes, a housing desk and over 60 units of housing.
We rely on over 500 volunteers to help us out in 35 different projects.
Your donations help us build creative and innovative community responses. Supporters of The Working Centre have proven, year after year, that community donations are vital in responding to local issues. We are grateful for your ongoing support.
Joe Mancini,
P.S. We share our quarterly newspaper Good Work News with our contributors. Please visit our website at www.theworkingcentre.org to learn more about our growing community-based initiatives.

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