Finding Our Place - A year of reflection and discussion exploring the thought of Wendell Berry

We invite you to join us for some of the following events.

Fermented Thoughts is our new forum for imaginative thought on social, economic and ecological issues. Join our guest speakers for discussion over wine and food. For our launch year of Fermented Thoughts we are focusing on themes all things Wendell Berry. Evening discussion topics this year include:

  • Slow Work, Rooted in Community – Exploring the commitments to slow, attentive work and long-term rootedness in Wendell Berry.
  • Local Food – Fad or Future? Exploring the many reasons for local food, and challenges in the food system.
  • Landless Peasants Movements – Exploring the history and role of global movements seeking land and ecological justice.
  • The Thought of Wendell Berry – A special Fermented Thought focused on the life, work and thought of Wendell Berry.

Monthly Reading Group – We are gathering together a group to read through Wendell Berry’s essays in the collection “The Art of the Common Place.” This collection contains 21 of Berry’s most significant essays and we plan to read 2-3 essays a month from September 2017 until July 2018. We invite you to join this monthly reading group.

Ecology-To-Scale Film Series – A documentary series that deals with ecological issues from a local perspective. So much of public discussion on environmental issues is at an unimaginably large scale that leaves many people feeling hopeless and powerless. For nearly forty years Wendell Berry has insisted that it is at a local scale that environmental issues are most properly and effectively addressed. Films to-be-announced soon.

Wendell Berry Daily Circus – A gathering scheduled for July 2018 to explore the continued significance of the thought of Wendell Berry. Come join us for a day-long, Berry-inspired gathering of friends with food, drink and clarification of thought. We invite you to contribute to the gathering by writing a short article which explores or applies an aspect of Berry’s work. At this gathering you will have a chance to share your thoughts with others.

If you are interested in being part of our reading group or attending any of these events contact Isaiah at or 519-743-1152 x175.
We will be posting periodic updates here on our website with information about dates for our Fermented Thoughts, films for our documentary series etc.

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