Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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Other Events and Activities
Theatre of the Arts, University of Waterloo

An evening of theatre by members of the renowned Debajehmujig Theatre Group from Wiikwemkoong on Manitoulin Island. This free event is the culminating theatrical performance of the Waterloo Storytelling Project.

Maamawi is an Ojibway word meaning "bringing together" or just "together" as it applies to all living things : water, plants, animals, birds, fish and humans. 

From May 6th through the 10th, Debajehmujig storytellers will visit our Region to tell their ancient stories while gathering stories from our community. Through storytelling workshops and theatre, they will engage a broad cross-section of people in a community-wide learning opportunity about our relationships with each other and with the land. By creating an understanding of our common path forward, this project will support both reconciliation and increased engagement in climate action, two essential elements of a just path forward.

Climate change is more than a technological or economic problem; at its core it's a relationship problem resulting from a breakdown in our relationships with each other and with the land.  Debajehmujig's storytelling and theatre will provide opportunities for authentic interactions amongst highly diverse groups in our community, deepening our understanding to discover common ground. Our project is a local place-based response to a global emergency.  

Please register here. Admission if free, but tickets are limited. 

Visit the events page for more information about Maamawi and the Waterloo Storytelling Project. 

The project is led by the Indigenous storytelling experts Debajehmujig Theatre Group and a local advisory circle led by Amy Smoke and local Indigenous theatre artist and community animator Heather Majaury

Thank you for your ongoing support for Divest Waterloo and for your part in our collective action to raise awareness and engage our community on issues related to climate change, our pursuit of a low carbon economy, and our movement towards a just and sustainable future.


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