wholesale retail butcher

Abate Packers Ltd
Term (Duration): 
Busy meat processing facility immediately requires 15 Wholesale and Retail Butchers with a minimum of 2 to 3 years of direct hands on experience in meat cutting and processing.
Duties include cutting and sectioning of meat, skinning and removing blemishes, deboning rabbits and chickens, cutting meat into specialized cuts and preparing for wholesale and retail sales. HS diploma or equivalent required.
Positions offered are permanent fulltime and salary is $ 16.00/hr for 44 hrs a week, OT after 44 hrs a week.
Date Posted: 
Mon, Sep 16 2019
Job Location: 
Arthur Ontario wellington North
$16 - $20 per hour
How to Apply: 
Please apply in person at 7597 Jones Baseline in Arthur, via email at joea@abatepackers.com, via fax at 1-519-848-2793 or via phone at 1-519-848-2107.
Thu, Oct 31 2019
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