Street Outreach Nurse- Addictions and Mental Health

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This street outreach nurse position is embedded in the KW team that consists of 3 outreach nurses, a clinician and a peer addiction outreach worker. This is an interdisciplinary team. The Kitchener-Waterloo team is part of a larger Regional team system which includes those teams situated in Cambridge and Guelph. This position, although mobile is based at the St. John's Clinic at St. John's Kitchen.

This is dynamic, relationship-based, engaging and complex work - based within a team that provides support, problem-solving and solution-based approaches. Our model integrates primary care, addiction and mental health supports, within a determinants of health context, based on a mature ethic of inclusion and hospitality.

Principles of Regional Program:
-Engage and aspire to a recovery and resilience philosophy
-Relationship based as it is foundational to develop trust when working with people who are homeless and/or street involved
-Integrate primary care, mental health and addiction supports creating access to these supports or when necessary providing direct care
Core responsibilities are to provide primary care, including addiction and mental health supports to people who are homeless or street involved.

-Currently registered RN or RPN
-Minimum 5 years of experience, a range of experience in acute care as well as mental health and addictions is valued

Skills required /Functions:
-Have demonstrated, within a person-centred approach, agile and flexible service approach to health care provision
-Demonstrate good organizational, communication, interpersonal; and problem solving skills
- Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in the interdisciplinary local team as well as with other members of Regional team
- Are a team player but able to work independently
- Able to assess, treat and follow-up with primary care needs, triage as well as direct care (wound care is prevalent)
- Able to complete a comprehensive bio-psychological nursing assessment
- Connect to primary care as well as bridging to specialists when indicated
- Accompaniment to health appointments
- Work collaboratively within a shared care model that includes outreach workers from various agencies, hospital, health care providers and our local Community Health Centre

Working Conditions:
- Able to work flexible hours within a 5 day, Monday to Friday work week
- Includes outdoor work and visiting homes
- Able to travel within the KW area

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Mon, Jul 8 2019
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How to Apply: 
Please send resumes and cover letters to
Thu, Aug 8 2019
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