Independent Delivery Contractor

Waterloo Region Record
Term (Duration): 
Delivering the Waterloo Region Record is a great way to earn some extra income without interfering
with your daily routine.

Deliver as many or few papers as you schedule allows to homes in your neighbourhood. All deliveries are made to the subscribers front porch and mailbox as requested. Most new contractors start with approx. 100 deliveries per day at about $600/month. There is no collecting involved and many carrier deliver multiple routes.

The newspapers are picked up Monday through Saturday mornings, between 2-3 am at one of our depot locations throughout the city and the deadline to be completed is 6:30am.

If you are interested please call 519-895-5597, email or visit

A reliable vehicle is required.

Date Posted: 
Thu, Mar 7 2019
Job Location: 
Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge
How to Apply: 
Call or email Tyler Graham
Sun, Apr 7 2019
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