TIOW stands for Targeted Initiative for Older Workers. TIOW is a Federal-Provincial program intended to assist older workers with programming that increases their employability, reintegrates them into employment and ensures that they remain active and productive labour market participants while their communities undergo adjustment.

TIOW is only available in certain communities. The Working Centre delivers the TIOW program in Kitchener-Waterloo. If you are in Cambridge or Guelph see the flyer for more information, or contact:

  • Cambridge – Lutherwood TIOW – (519) 623-9380
  • Guelph – Conestoga College TIOW - (519) 824-9390 x 6193

Who is TIOW for?

  • Aged 55 to 64
  • Unemployed
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Lack skills needed to find a new job
  • Live in a vulnerable community- one with high unemployment, largely dependent on a single employer or industry and has a population of 250,000 or less

What does the program include?

Participants must spend 25 hours per week in the following activities:

  • A combination of activities like understanding potential work options, resume writing, interview techniques, informational interviewing, conducting a targeted job search, and basic familiarity with computers to enhance your job search.
  • TIOW participants must also complete a minimum of two Employability activities such as specific skills upgrading, employer-based work experience, placement incentives to access employment, and preparation for self-employment.

TIOW is very individualized and customized to support you towards your job goal. Supports to help you along include:

  • A new look at your skills and how they match the current labour market
  • Access to funds for training that is less than 9 months in length
  • Potential for living allowance for those on a very limited income
  • Incentives for employers to hire older workers
  • 1-on-1 work with an employment counsellor to help you towards your job goal.

Training Opportunities through TIOW

Registered TIOW participants may qualify for:

  • vocational and/or learning assessments
  • basic skills upgrading (including literacy training)
  • specific skills training targeted to identified or anticipated labour market demands
  • certification training

All training and training providers must be approved in advance. The training component can be up to a maximum of 9 months. We provide you with assistance in identifying, evaluating and registering for eligible training opportunities.

Customized Training Opportunities

TIOW projects in our area (K-W, Cambridge and Guelph), have collaborated with Conestoga College to develop a range of training opportunities which meet the requirements of the TIOW program, and which meet local labour market needs.

These training selections are based on some of the most common and more broadly relevant community training needs. TIOW allows for unique and individualized training options as well. We can help you to explore training that suits your individual needs, which meets the TIOW guidelines for funding, or you may already have some ideas to explore together.


To register for TIOW at The Working Centre you will need to attend an information session. To register for the next session, please use the contact information below, and explore the following page: “TIOW at The Working Centre.”

Contact Information

For more information about Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, contact Reception at tiow-info@theworkingcentre.org or by phone at 519 743-1151 x0.


This project is based at our Job Search Resource Centre at 58 Queen Street South, Kitchener, Ontario.


Monday to Friday, 9:00-4:00.

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