Six Main Services

  1. Drop-in from 8:00am - 2:00pm
    St. John's Kitchen is a drop-in centre used by over 100 people before the lunch-time meal each day.
    Breakfast of foods such as bread, peanut butter, jam, cheese, muffins, donuts, bagels and coffee is available each day.
  2. Hot Lunch
    A main hot lunch meal serves up to 300 people five days a week. These meals consist of donated and surplus food that is turned into salads, soups, vegetable and vegetarian dishes, meat dishes, sandwiches, desserts and coffee.
  3. Marketplace
    A marketplace with food items for people to take home to prepare. This food comes through the Foodbank of Waterloo Region, Second Harvest program. We bring food in and prepare it for distribution.
  4. Showers and laundry facilities
    St. John’s Kitchen provides free access to showering and laundry facilities for the homeless and those at risk.
  5. Outreach Projects
    St. John’s Kitchen serves as the base for an extensive network of Outreach activities and resources. These activities include Downtown Street Outreach, Psychiatric Outreach Project, At-Home Outreach, Streets to Housing Stability, Access to Housing, Hospitality House, Money Matters, and the Housing Desk. As well, a number of other community organizations integrate their work with the meal and drop-in at St. John’s Kitchen.
  6. Job Café
    This project provides people with part-time, casual work opportunities. Job Café is an essential first link to assist individuals with hundreds of work opportunities. Job Café provides income enhancement and a way to participate in a broader network of community involvement.

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