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Below you will find some useful online resources that offer free computer training tutorials.

Here are links to some Computer Basics tutorials online.

Here are links to some typing tutorials online.

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Here are the links to the Office online training offered by Microsoft.

Office 2003

Office 2007

Office 2010

Windows Tutorials

Information about Microsoft Office Certification

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Open Office


Open Source

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Web Design

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Word 2003

  1. Create your first document
  2. Some Features in Word
  3. Customize Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. How to protect Word documents
  5. Review Documents with Track Changes and comments
  6. Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects
  7. Add graphics and keep them where you want them
  8. Introduction to Tables: Create and format basic tables
  9. Tables II: Use tables to simplify complex page layouts
  10. Tables III: Manage financial tables and tables from Excel and the Web
  11. Adding Headers and Footers
  12. Create Footnotes and Endnotes
  13. Inserting a Table of Contents
  14. Table of Contents II: Advanced TOCs, long documents, and other tables
  15. Create a document outline
  16. Format your document with styles
  17. Create individual envelopes and labels
  18. Prepare for the holidays: Write and send a newsletter with Word
  19. Introduction to XML in Word

Excel 2003

  1. Create your first workbook
  2. Enter Formulas
  3. Enter Formulas: Audio Course
  4. Help secure and protect data in Excel
  5. Great Excel features
  6. Great Excel features: Audio Course
  7. Printing options in Excel
  8. How to use lists in Excel 2003
  9. Publish Excel 2003 lists to a SharePointsite
  10. All About AutoFilter
  11. Plan payments and savings by using financial formulas
  12. Use formulas to edit, correct and proofreadtext
  13. Excel statistical functions
  14. Make time count by using formulas
  15. Figure out dates by using formulas
  16. Find functions and enter arguments
  17. Charts I: how to create a chart
  18. Chart II: Choose the right chart type
  19. Chart III: Create a professional looking chart
  20. Chart IV: Charts for the scientist
  21. PivotTable I: What’s so great about PivotTable Reports?
  22. PivotTable II: Swing into action with PivotTable Reports
  23. PivotTable III: Show off your PivotTable skills
  24. Import external data into Excel
  25. Filter external data before importing it into Excel
  26. Import text files into Excel
  27. Using XML in Excel 2003
  28. Working with really big worksheets
  29. Working with really big worksheets: AudioCourse
  30. Get in the loop with Excel Macros
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PowerPoint 2003

  1. Create your first presentation
  2. Flowcharting with flair
  3. Organizational Charts: A to Z
  4. Use Visio drawings in presentations, documents and publications
  5. Animations I: Preset and custom animation
  6. Animations II: Motion paths
  7. Animations III: Timing
  8. Playing sound
  9. Playing movies
  10. Design efficiently with masters
  11. Create your own template
  12. The small print: headers and footers
  13. Navigation know-how
  14. Printing I: Know your options
  15. Printing II: Work with color commands

Access 2003

  1. Get to know Access
  2. Access security I: Introduction to security
  3. Table that data
  4. Forms I: Create a form to enter and view your data
  5. Forms II: Use Subforms
  6. Reports I: Show off your data
  7. Queries I: Get answers with queries
  8. Queries II: Limit your data and calculate values
  9. Queries III: Create parameter queries that prompt users for input
  10. Queries IV: Working with complex criteria
  11. Combo boxes, list boxes and other controls
  12. Create labels from your database
  13. Work with a database you didn’t create
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Outlook 2003

  1. Great Outlook features to organize your Inbox
  2. Search Folders: The easy way to find, read and organize your e-mail
  3. Send and receive photos and attachments with confidence
  4. Tips to get an address on the TO line fast
  5. Control how you send and see mail messages
  6. Become an address book expert
  7. How Outlook helps protect you from junk e-mail
  8. Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail
  9. Manage the size of your mailbox
  10. File or archive your e-mail on your own computer
  11. Find, copy or back-up e-mail on your computer
  12. Get to know your Outlook Calendar
  13. See and share multiple calendars
  14. Organize meetings with Outlook
  15. Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries
  16. Delegate access: let someone else mind your busyness
  17. Great Outlook features to organize your contacts
  18. Share contacts using Outlook and Windows SharePoint services
  19. Share a calendar using Outlook and Windows SharePoint services

Publisher 2003

  1. Get started designing your own professional publications
  2. Create catalogs or directories
  3. Prepare a publication for commercial printing
  4. Create an accessible Office document
  5. Use Visio drawings in presentations, documents and publications
  6. Customize your toolbars and menus
  7. See what you can do with the Research service
  8. Organize your clip art and other media

Project 2003

  1. Present your project in Word, PowerPoint or Visio
  2. Dig deeper into scheduling
  3. Linking project tasks

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Word 2007

  1. Create your first document
  2. Make changes to your Microsoft Office Word 2007 documents
  3. Make document look great
  4. Up to speed with Word 2007
  5. Save time with templates
  6. Bullets, numbers and lists
  7. Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders and text effects
  8. Reuse text and other document parts: Introducing building blocks
  9. Revise documents with tract changes and comments in word 2007
  10. Header and footers basics
  11. Headers and footers for document sections
  12. Inserting a Table of Contents
  13. Table of contents II: Customize your TOC
  14. Table of content III: Use fields to create a TOC and multiple TOCs
  15. Mail merge I: Use mail merge for mass mailings
  16. Mail merge II: Use the Ribbon and perform a complex mail merge
  17. Keyboard shortcuts in 2007 Office system
  18. Security I: How the 2007 Office system helps you to stay safer

Excel 2007

  1. Get to know excel 2007
  2. Create your first workbook
  3. Enter formulas
  4. Learn how to figure out date using formulas
  5. Chart I: how to create charts in excel
  6. Pivot table I: Get started with pivot table reports in excel 2007
  7. Pivot table II: Filter pivot table report data in excel 2007
  8. Pivot table III: Calculate data in pivot table reports in excell2007
  9. Share excel data with others by exporting it to SharePoint site
  10. Excel services I: The basics
  11. Excel services III: Control what people see
  12. Excel services IV: Allow user input
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PowerPoint 2007

  1. Up to speed with PowerPoint
  2. Create your first presentation
  3. Create a basic presentation quickly
  4. Put your photos into PowerPoint
  5. Get visual with the SmartArt graphics
  6. Add sound effect to a presentation
  7. Add animation to text and objects
  8. Keep sane with the selection pane
  9. See how “themes” replace design templates
  10. Personalize your slide design
  11. Discover the power of custom layouts
  12. SharePoint slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team
  13. SharePoint slide libraries II Use slides in the library
  14. Lesson: Proof, print, and prep for the show
  15. Add slide numbers and other footers to slides
  16. Distribute a PowerPoint presentation on CD

Access 2007

  1. Choose between Access and Excel
  2. Get to know 2007 access
  3. Up to speed with Access 2007
  4. Demo: Up to speed with Access 2007
  5. Take charge of your database with your navigation pane
  6. Demo: Meet the navigation pane
  7. Design tables for a new Access in 2007 database
  8. Create tables for a new Access 2007 database
  9. Build relationships for a new Access 2007 database
  10. Create queries for a new Access 2007 database
  11. Create forms for a new Access 2007 database
  12. Create reports for a new Access 2007 database
  13. Easy Access with templates I: Create a database
  14. Easy Access with templates II: Modify a database
  15. Datasheets I: Create a table by entering data
  16. Datasheets II: Sum, sort, filter and find your data
  17. Datasheets III: Make data easier to read by formatting columns and rows
  18. Import data from Excel to new table in Access
  19. Queries I: Get started with queries
  20. Queries II: Create basic select queries
  21. Queries III: Use expressions and other criteria
  22. Queries IV: Use functions and calculated fields in your queries
  23. Queries V: Use “And”, “Or”, and “In” to set multiple conditions
  24. Queries VI: Use wildcards in queries and parameters
  25. Queries VII: Query multiple sources for data
  26. Queries VIII: Dealing with ambiguous joins
  27. Demo: Set the relationship between two tables
  28. Demo: Use the Expression Builder
  29. Demo: Collect data in Access 2007 by using e-mail
  30. Watch this: Make a query ask for input
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Outlook 2007

  1. Up to speed with Outlook 2007
  2. Interactive guide: Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 command reference guide
  3. Get out of your inbox with Outlook 2007
  4. Create great-looking signature for your e-mail
  5. Outlook and RSS: Internet information delivered to your mailbox
  6. Sent text messages from Outlook 2007 to a mobile phone
  7. Manage your mailbox I: Find its size and trim it down
  8. Manage your mailbox II: understand your choices for storing
  9. Manage your mailbox III: Move or copy messages to personal folders
  10. Manage your mailbox IV: Archive old messages
  11. Manage your mailbox V: Retrieve, back up or share messages
  12. Calendar I: Outlook calendar basics
  13. Calendar II: See and use multiple calendars
  14. Birthdays I: Keep tract of birthdays and anniversaries
  15. Birthdays II: Linking contacts and birthdays
  16. Create and use your own Electronic Business Card
  17. Reduce spam! Get your Junk E-mail filter in top condition

Publisher 2007

  1. Get started designing your own professional publications
  2. Commercial printing I: Understand your printing options
  3. Commercial printing II: Publisher and color printing
  4. Commercial printing III: Publisher and printed graphics
  5. Commercial printing IV: Using the Design Checker in Publisher 2007
  6. Check spelling and grammar in another language

Project 2007

  1. Present your project in Word, PowerPoint or Visio
  2. Linking Project Tasks
  3. Check Spelling and Grammar in Another Language

General Office 2007

  1. Up to speed with the 2007 Office system
  2. Keyboard shortcut in the 2007 Office system
  3. Security I: How the 2007 Office system helps you to stay safer
  4. Security II: Turn off the Message Bar and run code safely
  5. Security III: Sign your own macros for stronger security
  6. Office Open XML I: Exploring the Office Open XML Formats
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Word 2010

  1. GCF Learn Free Word 2010 Tutorial
  2. Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010
  3. Word 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Word 2010 tips and tricks
  5. Video: Customize the Ribbon in Word 2010
  6. Create your first Word document
  7. Create your first Word document II
  8. Create and customize a table of contents
  9. Create accessible Word documents
  10. Create visually compelling documents in Word 2010
  11. Use the navigation pane to search and move around your document
  12. Get control of page numbers, headers, and footers
  13. Video: Apply styles in Word 2010

Excel 2010

  1. GCF Learn Free Excel 2010 Tutorials
  2. Excel Easy: basics of Excel, functions, and lots of examples
  3. Get to know Excel 2010: Create your first spreadsheet
  4. Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts
  5. Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts II
  6. How to create a basic chart in Excel
  7. The if function: what it is and how to use it
  8. Use Excel tables to manage information
  9. Plan payments and savings in Excel 2010
  10. Understand data at a glance with conditional formatting
  11. Sparklines: use tiny charts to show data trends
  12. VLOOKUP: What it is and when to use it
  13. Save time by creating and running macros in Excel
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Outlook 2010

  1. GCF Learn Free Outlook 2010 Tutorial
  2. Make the switch to Outlook 2010
  3. Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts: Email
  4. Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts: Calendars, Contacts, Tasks
  5. Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts: Alt key shortcuts
  6. Tame your Inbox: Organize messages by conversation
  7. Mailbox Management 1: Use views to stay organized
  8. Mailbox Management 2: Instant Search and Search Folders
  9. Mailbox Management 3: File your stuff in folders
  10. Use e-mail signatures in Outlook 2010
  11. Outlook and RSS: The internet in your mailbox
  12. Save time with templates in Outlook
  13. Outlook Best Practices: How Harry got organized
  14. Send automatic replies while you're away

PowerPoint 2010

  1. GCF Learn Free PowerPoint 2010 Tutorials
  2. PowerPoint 2010 Tips and Tricks
  3. PowerPoint 2010 keyboard shortcuts
  4. Put your photos into PowerPoint
  5. Charts and Diagrams I: SmartArt Graphics
  6. Charts and Diagrams II: Data Charts
  7. Insert video into your presentation
  8. Animations and transitions
  9. Going further with animations

Access 2010

  1. GCF Learn Free Access 2010 Tutorials
  2. Access 2010 keyboard shortcuts
  3. Access 2010 keyboard shortcuts II
  4. Make the switch to Access 2010

OneNote 2010

  1. Work together on a shared notebook
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