Art and Design Online Learning Resources

Listed below are free, good quality art and design programs, with related tutorials found further down the page. Most have documentation and user manuals that can be downloaded along with the software, and there are a wide array of online video tutorials available.

Free Downloadable Creative Art Programs


Similar to Photoshop, with many of the same features – used for creating or modifying images; if you are using Windows, you’ll need to use the Installer for Windows found through the link below


Simulates working with clay to sculpt images


Inkscape can be used to create vector graphics – images that can be rescaled to any size without losing quality


Animation software, often used as an alternative to Flash


For recording sound and music; capable of multi-track recording


Allows users to create their own music by writing music notation


Designed for desktop publishing and serves as an alternative to InDesign

Construct 2

Create Apps and Games – no programming experience required; there is a free downloadable version and a pay version


For creating 3D imagery and animations



A selection of tutorials from the makers of GIMP to help get you started with this free image manipulation software


Has a large selection of free, high quality Photoshop tutorials; also has a Premium section


Similar to PSDtuts+, except the tutorials are aimed at vector illustration, primarily in programs like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign


Official tutorials from the creators of the vector image creator Inkscape; scroll down the page to find tutorials available in several languages

Creative Cow

Down the right side of the page is a large selection of free video tutorials covering a wide array of 2D and 3D graphic design programs

CG Textures

A site offering a large selection of free photographs that may be used as textures or references in your digital work; signing up for a free account is required

Art Critiquing

A good lesson covering principles for effective art critiques

  YouTube is also an excellent source of video tutorials – just type the name of the program you wish to learn along with ‘tutorial’ and you’re likely to find a related video
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