QSCC: A Participatory Space

As part of the overall conversation about Sustainable Livelihoods and local food options, the vegetarian foods at the Commons Café model affordable and tasty low-cost food options. The food is affordable because volunteers are involved in the preparation and serving. Many volunteers are building work related skills - food preparation skills, customer service, food safety, barrista training, job maintenance skills, practicing English skills, keeping positive while looking for a job. Other volunteers are happy to contribute their work in a community setting where they meet others, contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the café, and engage in meaningful community activities. Our food is able to be enjoyed by people with a wide range of food sensitivities and preferences including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.
We are not always fast and efficient as you order and wait for your food – but we hope you take this time to talk with others, to browse the books about Sustainable Living, to look through the items for sale by people involved in The Working Centre, who make and do, and sell their products at the Café.
We offer fresh-roasted coffee – partly because it’s delicious, and people come to the café to enjoy the great coffee, but also because it invites people to come together in creative conversation. The bulk coffee sales also help to make the whole café a bit more viable by offering an alternate source of revenue – by purchasing a cup of coffee or a pound of coffee, you contribute to making this creative community experience possible.
If you are interested in volunteering in the Café, we invite you to give us a call at 519-749-9177 ext. 1. If you would like to learn how to make the recipes, you are welcome to volunteer at Maurita’s Kitchen where the foods are prepared (66 Queen Street South).
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