Production Associate

C $75 per year

Production Associate membership:

  • allows the member to rent film-making and post-production equipment from our resource library.  Click Here to review equipment and other rentable resources
  • includes access to community tools and facilities, including public access editing suites during open hours
  • inclusion on the roster for opportunities, paid and unpaid, that may emerge through Commons Studio initiatives and partnerships
  • admission to and inclusion in all Commons Studio workshops, events, and initiatives unless otherwise noted
  • connections to the network, and regular email updates about upcoming programs and events at Commons Studio and in the local film-making community

Memberships are good for one year and will expire 365 days from the date payment has been received and all membership forms have been completed.

Please review the Membership Registration Form and Commons Studio Rental Agreement

*Demonstration of proficiency in use or successful completion of a course of instruction in use may be required for some equipment.

**Members must provide proof of insurance to rent the RED Scarlet-X camera and accessories.

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