Special Needs Live-In Caregiver

Uche Onuora
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We need a live-in caregiver to live and work in our home to administer necessary care for our special needs son with heightened behavior challenges. Usually the caregiver will perform duties that will vary depending on his needs. The caregiver may cook meals, and may be required to supervise his feeding, dressing, and bathing routines. The caregiver will also need to help with his toileting as well as carry out household duties, such as maintaining a clean environment, doing laundry, and washing dishes.

Minimum physical requirements may be necessary, as the caregiver will carry out household tasks.

When possible, the live-in caregiver will help support his in-home or other therapy, so that independence can be achieved.
The live-in caregiver can take one day off per week as is expedient.

This is a full-time permanent position (40 hours/week). The live-in caregiver will receive a salary ($15/hour) in addition to free room and board.

A valid driver's license will be required as the caregiver will often shop for him and provide transportation to doctor's appointments, therapy programs, and other places that he may need to travel to.

The live-in caregiver should have First-Aid/CPR certifications. This position requires a minimum of a secondary school diploma, and a preference for educational tutoring ability and/or experience. Due to his extreme behavior challenges (including unpredictable outbursts, aggression, and physical contact), a caregiver with special needs behavior training and/or experience (to defuse his triggers, calm him down, and preempt escalation), is preferred.

Computer skills may be necessary in order to access his appointments and communicate with other involved parties.

Live-In Caregiver Tasks & Responsibilities:
- Provide general attention to the non-medical needs of special needs child following an established Plan of Care.
- Remain in the special needs child's presence or vicinity at all times during shift.
- Run errands to support special needs child (including school drop-off/pick-up).
- Provide homemaking services, such as light housekeeping, laundry, meal planning and preparation.
- Help with activities of daily living like bathing and toileting, including being present to support in-home therapy, as well as
supervising feeding and dressing for the special needs child.
- Provide support for special needs child's therapy and education, including tutoring and homework review.

Required Qualifications:
- Special needs behavior training and/or experience (preferred).
- English language proficiency (oral and written communication skills).
- Secondary school diploma OR some secondary school with related experience OR tutoring ability and/or experience
- First-Aid/CPR certification.
- Valid Driver's license and access to a vehicle.
- Minimum eighteen years of age.
- Must be reliable and dependable, punctual and committed.
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Tue, Jun 4 2019
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How to Apply: 
Email: angela.uche.onuora@gmail.com
Phone: +1-226-751-5015 OR 226-868-1588
Wed, Jul 10 2019
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