"Working in Canada" website merged with the Job Bank website

The workingincanada.gc.ca has merged with the www.jobbank.gc.ca, and now redirects solely to the Job Bank website. The Job Bank website has increased its user friendliness and usability, and has -in turn- been received favourably by Employment Counselors at The Working Centre who are using the tools to help people look for work.

For those who have been using indeed.ca as their favourite job posting site, you’ll find that the job posting search on the job bank now works in a similar way, but does a better job of actually filtering by city when you choose those options. It is also quicker to browse by wage using the job bank.

Additionally, you can now easily access the labour market information that was originally on the workingincanada.gc.ca website (on the right hand side under Explore Careers). Just type in the job title and it will often have wage and prospect information in the area, as well as other useful info.

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