Ontario photo card

An Ontario photo card is a government-issued photo identification that will allow non-drivers aged 16 years of age and over to access government, financial or business services that requires proof of identity.


To apply for an Ontario photo card, you must be a non-driving resident of Ontario, 16 years of age and over. If you have a driver's licence, you must surrender your driver's licence in order to apply for a photo card. Your Driver's licence will be cancelled.

To apply for a photo card, you will be required to provide valid original identity documents that prove legal name, date of birth and signature. Acceptable identification includes a birth certificate, passport, citizenship card and permanent resident card.

Ontario Photo Cards are available at 21 locations across Ontario. In Waterloo they are available at 1151 Victoria Street, North, Unit 5, Kitchener.

You can find more information about the Ontario Photo Card on the Service Ontario website.

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