2022 Tax Year Walk-in Tax Clinic at The Working Centre

The Working Centre is once again offering Income Tax Clinic support for people living on a limited income.

Due to the high numbers of people hoping to access supports, and the complexity of Covid-19, our tax clinic support is walk-in this year.

You can see a tax clinic helper to review your completed intake form and required papers starting on March 1th 2023, in person or electronically, and sign a form giving us permission to complete your tax return on your behalf.

The completed package will be given to a tax filing volunteer to complete.

More information on the drop-off processes will be coming in the following weeks. Please stay tuned!

Once we let you know that your return is completed, you can pick up your copy at our Job Search Resource Centre at 58 Queen Street South in Kitchener or we can mail your copy to you.  You select your preferred choice when you fill in the intake package.

Volunteers registered with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program will help to complete your income tax return.

Are You Eligible?

We can help you with your taxes if your income falls within the following amounts: 

Family Size Family Income
1 Person Up to $35,000
2 Persons Up to $45,000
3 Persons Up to $47,500
4 Persons Up to $50,000
5 Persons Up to $52,500

Please note we cannot assist with tax filing regarding the following circumstances:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Business/Rental Income or Expenses
  • Self Employed individuals (for instance Uber) or Employment Expenses
  • Capital Gains or Losses

What To Provide

More information on what is needed for us to complete your taxes will be coming in the following weeks. Please stay tuned!

After Tax Completion

Once your return is completed we will contact you. You can pick up your copy or we can mail it to you.  You decide at the time you drop-off your paperwork. You will need to show ID when you pick up your package.

What if There is a Mistake?

If there is a mistake in your taxes you will receive a Notice of Assessment from the CRA. Please let us know if this happens and we will help with next steps. Also, if something is missed in the filing of your return, we can complete a request to modify your return.  Please Let us know if you have questions about your completed return.

Please contact us at taxclinic@theworkingcentre.org if you have any questions.


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