September 2022 - Learning Events

We are excited to host a variety of learning events this September focused on building sustainable, regenerative ways of life in response to the climate emergency. Events this month include:

I] Documentary Nights

We will be hosting two documentary events this month.

On [please note the date change] Wednesday, September 21st, 7pm at the Princess Original we will be partnering with KW Professional Organizers and the Princess Cinemas to show the film the Land of Azaba.

About the film: “Addressing climate change is the existential question of our time, but climate change and bio-diversity loss are two sides to the same coin. The Land of Azaba is the first feature documentary on the subject of ecological restoration, and it is set in one of the world’s first ‘hot spots’ for increasing and maintaining bio-diversity, Campanarios de Azaba Nature Reserve in Western Spain.” (Films website)

Disclaimer: Sadly, due to the venue this film will not be physically accessible.


On Monday, September 26th, 7pm at Kitchener Public Library – Central Branch we will be showing the film How to Change the World.

About the film: “In 1971 a small group of activists set sail from Vancouver, Canada in an old fishing boat. Their mission was to stop Nixon’s atomic test bomb in Amchitka, Alaska. Chronicling this untold story at the birth of the modern environmental movement and with access to dramatic archive footage unseen for over 40 years, the film centres on eco-hero Robert Hunter and his part in the creation of the global organization we now know as Greenpeace.” (Films website)


II] Coping with Climate Change Workshop

We will be hosting a Coping with Climate Change workshop monthly in the fall.

Our first workshop will be held on Thursday, September 15th, 7-8:30pm at the Queen St Common Café - 43 Queen St South. We have a limited number of 10 participants each month. Please RSVP by Tuesday, September 13th if you wish to attend.

Climate Change can be difficult to deal with: personally, emotionally, and existentially. This workshop engages on all these levels in community. It is structured on 1-on-1 and small group facilitated conversations followed The Work that Reconnects model of Joanna Macy. Together we explore four themes: Gratitude, Honouring our pain for the World, Seeing with new eyes, & Going Forth.


Other Upcoming Events – Dates & Times TBA:

I] Reading Groups

In mid-October we hope to begin a new fall reading groups, both in-person and online. The theme of our books clubs will once again be on the intersection of environmental sustainability and economic justice. We will be announcing our fall book choice the week of September 12th. Stay tuned! In the meantime please check out our Books for Sustainable Living book catalogue for inspiration.


II] Green Walks

With a variety of community partners the Working Centre is launching Green Walks – Waterloo Region this fall.

Green Walks are neighbourhood walks that explore sustainable lifestyles & climate action close to home – everything ranging from solar panels, heat pumps, backyard gardens, urban chickens, and more! These walks are great ways to connect with neighbours and learn more what we can do together to care for our common home. Next GreenWalk to be announced later next month.


III] Celebration of Opportunities

The Climate Emergency is dire. But not all is lost. There are still opportunities for us to change course.

This monthly series will look at collective opportunities before us – policies that governments can implement that will address our environmental challenges in a way that centres equity and justice. Policies that, in other words, find ways to meet human needs in environmentally sustainable ways.


We are working with a variety of community partners on these events. More information will be announced in the future.

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