Monthly Reading Group – Getting to Maybe


“Many of us have a deep desire to make the world around us a better place. But often our good intentions are undermined by the fear that we are so insignificant in the big scheme of things that nothing we can do will actually help.. We tend to think that great social change is the province of heroes – an intimidating view of reality that keeps ordinary people on the couch. But extraordinary leaders such as Gandhi and even unlikely social activists such as Bob Geldof most often see themselves as harnessing the forces around them, rather than singlehandedly setting those forces in motion. The trick in any great social project is to stop looking at the discrete elements and start trying to understand the complex relationships between them. Getting to Maybe applies the insights of complexity theory and harvests the experiences of a wide range of people and organizations to lay out a brand new way of thinking about making change in communities, in business, and in the world.” – Getting to Maybe, Back Cover.

Beginning this month we are gathering together a group to reading Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed by Brenda Zimmerman, Frances Westley, and Michael Quinn Patton. Honouring the deep desire many of us have to make the world a better place this book explores how to work with our own smallness to create meaningful change in a big, confusing, and complex world.

Please RSVP by February 1st, 2020 if you are interested in participating. Books are for sale at the Queen St Commons Café. Specific days a month have not yet been chosen. Dates and times for the monthly reading group will be determined based on availability of those interested. Depending on interest multiple reading groups may be organized.

Getting to Maybe is the second book in our 2020 bookshare series. Each book brings an interesting, unique perspective on our society and our relationship with the earth. 

The bookshare series is part of the Working Centre’s Weaving Ecology series, a series exploring the intricacies of living within our limits. A sequel to our Finding Our Place series, in Weaving Ecology we go deeper in exploring our present ecological crisis, unraveling the threads of unsustainable living and doing the work of reweaving a simpler way of life that is gentle on the earth. 


Contact us at or at 519.743.1151 x175 if you are interested in being part of this group or have questions.

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