Job Posting: Recycle Cycles at The Working Centre

Position: Recycle Cycles Coordinator
Organization: Recycle Cycles at The Working Centre
Location: Kitchener, Ontario
Start Date: on or about March 1st, 2019

Position Overview
We are looking for someone who loves this work as much as we do. We care about this project and its impact; we hope to find someone as interested in the nuances as we are. Ideally our teammate is someone who is environmentally conscious and concerned, who approaches hosting space with care, and will welcome everyone who walks through the door. One of our main goals is to continue building a community space where everyone can feel welcome.

Recycle Cycles is a dynamic space that sees all sorts of folks in different places of their lives walk through the door. This can bring wondrous combinations of magical moments and, sometimes, conflicting energies. In helping care for the emotional and physical wellbeing of Recycle Cycles, we try to keep openness for everyone who wants to participate in the shop, to be able to be in the shop. This comes with the responsibility and intention to ensure the boundaries of the shop are being tended to. We work to build trust and community in the ongoing relationships we have with the folks that utilize the space. Our regulars and volunteers are the folks that help us invent and reinvent our concept of community on a daily basis.

We feel it’s important to be intentional in welcoming folks onto our team with the idea of representation at the forefront.  We’d like to prioritize holding space for individuals that are not frequently represented in bike shops. Everyone who is passionate about bikes and into helping us build our concept of a community is encouraged to apply.

About Recycle Cycles
Recycle cycles is a Community bike shop which is a project of The Working Centre. We provide tools, space, skill sharing opportunity, and a supportive space for folks in the community to come and fix their bikes for free. People can book appointments and use the tools at Recycle Cycles at no cost, they just pay for the parts, if any, that they need to fix their bike.
What we do:
-Providing access to tools, resources, and collaborators in learning. We work to help folks in the community build on bike maintenance knowledge
-Providing previously loved bicycles at a more accessible cost
-Diverting bicycle waste from the landfill
-Hosting a supportive environment for volunteers of all skill and ability levels, encouraging, engaging, and providing fulfilling work, meaningful community engagement, and skill development
-Holding and maintaining a welcoming, accessible, and caring space

Please refer to The Working Centre's salary policy for more information.

Roles and Responsibilities
-Hosting the shop space during open hours
-Collaborating with staff, volunteers, members of public, and The Working Centre
-Helping members of the public who access the space to fix their bikes
-Assisting volunteers in fixing bikes and facilitating their efforts at Recycle Cycles
-Triaging, fixing, and preparing bikes for sale
-Fixing and maintaining the tools and the equipment needed for the space to run
-Collaborating with volunteers and staff to create a place of welcome
-Maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the space
-Inventory, and ordering of new parts, keeping accurate records
-Organizing events, workshops, and school groups
-And other tasks as needed

Valuable Attributes
-Mechanically inclined or interested people who are excited to learn how to fix bikes
-Substantial bike fixing knowledge is not a requirement, although it is an asset
-Someone who is organized and is good at multitasking
-Experience in teaching skills or mentoring
-Experience working with those who are disadvantaged, folks facing or are at risk of homelessness, and folks experiencing social displacement (including people with various struggles with mental health and addiction).
-Experience working with adults and youth with a variety of needs and various ability levels
-As our project is rather unique, having experience in this space is very valuable. If you have not spent time in here in the past, please try to stop in and volunteer for a bit to get to know us and for us to get to know you.

Date Posted:
Tue, Jan 22 2019
Job Location:

How to Apply:
Please drop off your resume in person at our location. We are located at behind 256 King street East, down the alley. Drop in, say hello, and talk with us. If you are interested in working with us come in and volunteer, volunteering is a way to get a sense for how we work - as well as the intricacies of the space, relationships, and all our quirks. It would be helpful for you to have context as that will inform most of our conversations together.

We recommend reading a few documents on The Working Centre's website:
Ethical Imagination: The Working Centre's Approach to Salaries
Building Relationships Where People are Real

Application deadline: February 2, 2019 - 4pm

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